What We Believe

Phoenix Nest Mission

Phoenix Nest has a mission to provide support to women that desire a joy-filled life after surviving abuse. The program revolves around heart-centered coaching for motivated women to overcome their past and step into the fullness of their future with joy. By guiding them through a transformational process customized to unleash their potential and further them on their healing journey. One coaching conversation at a time…

Phoenix Nest Vision

We envision a highly effective life coaching program that assists women who have suffered through interpersonal violence in transitioning from surviving to thriving. We are focused on the underserved communities in southern California with the hope that it will inspire them to access other professional support services.  Mental health services can be complementary to our coaching and aid them on their healing journey. Which will result in being the number one provider and support system for women in southern California.

Phoenix Nest Foundational Values

  • Cultural humility
  • Non-judgmental
  • Will be seen and heard
  • Integrity and mutual respect

3 Steps to Thriving

Schedule a Session

Because you answered ‘Yes’ to at least one of the above questions.  Click the ‘Schedule A Session’ button and get your complimentary Breakthrough Session.

Gain Clarity

Phoenix Nest Coaching’s Breakthrough Session will entail you answering a series of questions that are specifically designed to uncover what your vision is for your life and what’s currently stopping you or slowing you down from having that.

Develop A Plan

We will create a plan curated just for you to know exactly what to do next to move forward on your journey’s path.